AnitaLaugh's talented cast has performed throughout the U.S. and abroad honing their acting and comedic skills. Director, Bernice Harris, selected each performer for their unique skills as impressionists, stand-up comedians and character actors.

The incredible cast has the skills and talent to bring any audience suggestion "to life" and create hysterical scenes. Audiences love the celebrity impressions, crazy characters and singing talents they witness. Within the improvised scenes, the cast members become a myriad of characters in the blink of an eye. Tailored shows for a specific event or person are a specialty and many "Happy Birthday"s and improvised songs have been sung by the spot-on celebrity impressionists!

Improvised comedy allows the audience feel a part of the show because it is created by their suggestions. If you like "Whose Line is it Anyway?" , you will LOVE "AnitaLaugh"!!

What people are saying about us:

Your show was fantastic !!  Such amazing  celebrity impressions! Everyone had a great time. The best part was getting my husband on stage with you! Thanks for that, we didn't expect it and will definitely have you at our next party!! You are all so talented!!    Suzanne L.


Great impressions- I loved "Hollywood Squares"  with Paul Lynne (my favorite) and all the others were so impressive. Great to hear Cher and Bernadette Peters singing to audience members!!  We loved the show!  Chris and Jamie C.


Best party my brother ever threw....and he throws the best parties! Everyone was awesome.!  Mia B.