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Surprise someone with a comedy performance from Anita Laugh

Our celebrity impressions will impress your friends 

Established in 1999, The Anita Laugh Comedy Troupe is an elite group of entertainment professionals that break the mold. Our goal is to provide a hilarious show while also creating an environment of sheer joy with comedic scenes that bring people to tears (in a good way, we promise). If you want entertainment at your event to be memorable, then Anita Laugh is ideal for any party, fundraiser, or event where people just need a laugh. We are making the world a funnier place, one show at a time! 

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Imagine being sung to/roasted by Cher, Woody Allen, or Sylvester Stallone

Surprise someone with a comedy performance from Anita Laugh

Class is in session!

Learn how to think on your feet and comedically collaborate with funny people in a wonderfully creative environment instructed by the very funny founder of Anita Laugh, Bernice! We've got lots in store including improv games, theater exercises, and one guy who really loves sheep!

The "Acting & Comedy Workshop" taught by Bernice Harris started on  Tuesday March 6th, but stayed tuned for fall classes!